Cobra Chrome Cover Installation


Photo 1: The ACE engine before the installation
Photo 2: Out of the box you have the cover and the mounting bracket.
Photo 3: The mounting bracket is installed between the cylinders by removing 2 allen screws on the rear cylinder and 1 allen screw on the front. These allen screws hold the bolt on cylinder fins on the engine. The mounting bracket is attached with 3 supplied allen screws in the same location. Once the bracket is in place its just a matter of attaching the cover with the Phillips screw that is in the kit.
Photo 4: The finished project. Very easy installation. The only problem I encountered was with the mounting instructions that came with the kit. The instructions said that the allen screws supplied with the cover mounting bracket were 6mm so after about 10 minutes of searching for a 6mm allen wrench it wouldn't fit. The supplied screws were for a 5mm allen wrench. Completion time 30 minutes.
Photo 5: After a few months of looking at the cover on the bike, it began to look really plain and unfinished. Some of my buddies even referred to the cover as an old school bell. So I added the Cobra billet insert to the cover and gave the cover a whole new look. Much better.