Drilling Muffler Baffles


Photo 1: Drilling out the baffles in the mufflers of the Tourer is a very easy project that will take about 30 minutes, and the increase in sound is well worth it.
Photo 2: The tools needed for this are a drill, a 3/8 inch bit at least 12 inchs long, a hammer, center punch, and a 5mm allen wrench.
Photo 3: With the allen wrench remove the three screws that hold each chrome tip on the mufflers
Photo 4: Take the center punch and mark how ever many holes you would like to drill. I started with four holes in each muffler the first time I did this project. Four holes in each muffers did give me a louder, deeper tone than the stock sound, but after a few weeks I wanted more. I drilled four more holes in each muffler for a total of eight 3/8" holes in each muffler. Once the holes are marked with the punch, drill through the outer canister, push the drill into the muffler until you hit the inner baffle, and drill through this also. After you have drilled all of the holes, reinstall the chrome tips and take a ride. I think you will be pleased.

I've had a few requests for samples of the sound of my bike after drilling the baffles. Sorry I didn't think of it before I did the operation so I could have had a before and after comparison. Anyway, if you're interested the samples are here in wav format.

Idling (243k)

Slow rev (496k)

Quick rev (668k)