Cobra Freeway Bar Installation


The first step in the installation is to align the top of the bar with the two holes on either side of the frame up by the steering head. Note where the bottom mounts will bolt into place. Remove the exsiting bolts where the freeway bar will mount.


The red circle shows where the bars mount to the frame. You will have to drill out the existing holes at the top of the frame on both sides using a 5/16" drill bit. Bolt the top of the bar into place with the supplied bolts, lockwashers and nuts.
Bolt the left side of the freeway bar into place with the stock bolts.

Right side: If you are using the freeway bar with the stock foot pegs, place the supplied spacer in between the bottom mount and frame. Use the supplied bolt, lock washer and spring washer and tighten. If you are using the bar along wiyh Cobra floor boards you won't have to use the supplied spacer.

This project will take about an hour to complete. The Cobra freeway bars are a great addition to the Tourer, I really like the looks. The only thing that bothered me about the bars was one of the factory welds wasn't as clean as it should have been before it was chromed. Another thing about the bars that bothers some people who have put them on Tourers is that when you fully turn the handlebars to the left the sheild will hit the bar. This is not a problem for me, I have just heard a lot of complaints about this.