Rifle Lowers Installation


Photo 1: Before the addition of the Rifle Lowers.
Photo 2: Lowers and mounting hardware.
Photo 3: Close up of left mounting clamp. The bracket that holds the front brake line will have to be bent slightly in order to mount the clamp in the right position.
Photo 4: This photo shows both clamps and their position on the forks. On the Tourer these clamps need to be spaced 1-3/8" below the lower triple clamp. This spacing is very important and is different for other bikes and shields. Incorrect mounting of the clamps could cause damage to the lower fork tubes.
Photo 5: One hour and fifteen minutes later ... the finished product. I purchased these lowers in the hope they would help with the buffeting problem I was experiencing with the factory shield on the Tourer. The lowers reduced this buffeting greatly. I'm very pleased with this product and after 1000 miles with the lowers I've had no problem with them at all. I believe the $90 cost of this item was money well spent.


Rifle's instructions in .jpg format